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The Middle Mentoring

Formerly called

Baker's Anchor Mentoring

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To inspire, empower, and encourage local middle school youth development through positive one-on-one mentoring at the YDC. 


Provide local middle school students with mentoring opportunities to reduce feelings of social isolation, lack of support, and family stress; and to enhance positive self-esteem, good social skills, hobbies, interests, and trust in adults.  

Formerly known as Baker’s Anchor Mentoring or BAM, The Middle Mentoring is endowed by Tom and Sheila Baker. This name, derived from the founder of The YDC, Tom Baker, compliments his vision of the well-being and development of area youth.  

Who are the children in our program?

  • Children who could benefit from having a positive role model in their life.

  • Children in middle school (grades 6-8) 

  • Children who live in Winchester, Frederick and Clarke Counties. 

  • Have reliable transportation to and from the YDC once a week for two hours. Schedules are arranged based on access and availability.

  • Must be willing and wanting to participate.

Who are the Mentors?

  • Adults who work and live in our community.

  • What they all have in common is an interest in being a mentor to a child. They are not paid—all of their time is volunteered.  

  • Positive Role Model

  • Friend and Listener

  • Resource and Guide

  • Limit Setter

How are the matches made? 

  • Specific needs of the child

  • Compatible personalities and shared interests

  • Targeted goals

  • Age and developmental levels

  • Geographic locations

  • Similar experiences with LGBTQ+, mental health, disabilities, and socioeconomic upbringing.

What to expect from the program? 

For a mentor or mentee application, please email
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