SummerFEST 2021

Come to YDC for your

Summer Day Camp Experience


 SummerFEST 2021

July 5 - July 30



Weekly @ YDC

Tai Chi Group Practice
Toddler Time Tuesdays  Generic (2)
Open Gym - $5/person


Engage your mind, body, and spirit.
We meet inside at YDC every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday 9 am - 11 am.



Join us each week at 10 am for playtime, stories, toys, fun, and the occasional special guest.




Play basketball, foosball, volleyball, and more.


$5 / Person


Available Dates on Calendar

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Our instructors have planned a fabulous camp for your students, from Kindergarten to Rising 6th Graders.

Spotlight on Mentors

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Meet Chris, one of the mentors in our Baker’s Anchor Mentoring program.  He has been a mentor in the program since August 2020.  We asked Chris why he chose to become a mentor and what he enjoys about it.  Here’s what he had to say, along with some insight about mentoring during the pandemic and what he and his match have planned for later.

“I chose to mentor because I wanted to continue my mentoring I had done in college. I recognize how much a mentor could impact someone’s life and I wanted to be a positive part of that.  I enjoy the fact that there is a community feel to it (Baker’s Anchor Mentoring).  I’ve participated in mentoring that was a bit bigger in size and spanned across the east coast. Those programs may lose some of the personal touch that BAM offers.”

For anyone thinking of becoming a mentor and maybe a little hesitant, here’s a bit of advice from Chris.  “I would tell them that they have an opportunity to influence someone’s life, and while that is intimidating, it’s worth all the time you put in. I’d definitely give it time to decide, you don’t want to fall short in your commitment. But it really is worth it! I’d then offer my phone number if they want to ask more specific questions I could answer.”

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YDC is amazing! It's a wonderful asset for the community. It's a great space for the children to engage in healthy recreational and sport activities.