The long term vision for the YDC is to be known for our quality programs, community partnerships, and youth opportunities. It is the stories that we share through events and programs that encourage understanding of people, places, and community, and that will inform future decisions and inspire the next generation. 


They YDC is so much more than the physical building we inhabits, but that building does make our work possible. It's a theater for plays, gyms for basketball, recreational areas for parties and play, and space for any program our young people dream up. You can see our current and upcoming programs here.


Our building has served us well, but it is showing its age. Half of our facility, the Smith Activity Building, is over 25 years old. The need for a new roof and substantial renovations to our building motivate us to launch the FOR OUR TOMORROW Building Capital Campaign. This way, we can keep our attention and energy on creating engaging programs that inspire our youth, keep them safe, and believe in their own potential. 

The Campaign is under way with maintenance in motion, such as a new HVAC system in the Smith Gym, the commission of a new logo, paint works, updated hygiene equipment, and theatrical equipment. But still, the vitality of this safe and creative space needs an upgrade from its 25 years of service to our community so that it can serve for the coming 25 years just as well. 

If one of these items speaks to you or your skills, talents, or resources, please let us know if you are interested in sponsoring a project or repair! Please contact Rebekah DeHaven at with questions. 

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